Lotto Black Book Does Not Win Lotteries

The secret Lotto Black Book System by Larry Blair, you know this so-called Oklahoma math professor who has developed a secret lottery Black Book System. Get this, he claims that it took him over 20 years, or is it 9 years as both are stated on sales pages, that claim this system will increase your chances to win the lottery by 48.7% every time you play. Well this system is now reported by many to be totally false! The lotto Black Book is full of lies or hype that is simply not true and is meant to mislead you! This Lotto Black Book System is just another very common useless gambling product designed to make money for the seller, not the hard-working people with big hopes of lottery success. The system has no lottery wins or real lottery winners at all and all claimed testimonials are completely fake! Larry Blair the so-called math professor does not even exist. All top lottery system review sites are now reporting this silly Lotto Black Book system as a shady marketing gimmick to make the seller and affiliates fast income from you!

Here is person from ClickBank reviewers website on this Lotto Black Book System. “Hello everyone, This is Eyob from Clickbank reviewers, and today I will be  talking about “ The lotto black book fake system “, and exposing it for what it is. First off let me tell you right now, If there are products like The lotto Black Book that are saying they have figured out the secret to winning the lottery and they are willing to give you all of it for a cost, they think you are an idiot. Hopefully an Idiot who is willing to pay for a magical lottery wining system. But luckily you are not an idiot, because unlike those people you decided to do your research before spending your hard-earned cash. And that is what everyone needs to do before purchasing a product from clickbank, or from anywhere else on the internet. Because there are websites like this one who are dedicated to exposing bogus programs to keep you from getting taken.

I spent a good amount of time looking for video proof of this Larry Blair actually winning a lottery, but I couldn’t find a single one. All I found were people getting paid to promote his shady system. How can someone make a Lotto Black Book System if they cannot even provide proof that they have won the lottery that they say they did, three times?

We agree with what Eyob has to say about this silly Lotto Black Book System 100%. There is absolutely No Proof anywhere that this system has won any lottery at all. See the photo below of Larry Blair holding a winning lottery cheque, this is of course not Larry Blair but a person named Michael Anderson. The photo was used illegally to help sell this shady Lotto Black Book System, it’s all fake!

Not A Professor Named Larry Blair Who Created The Lotto Black Book System.

Not A Professor Named Larry Blair Who Created The Lotto Black Book System.

Do not get sucked in and purchase this phony Lotto Black Book system and never believe the Guaranteed refund stated on the sales pages for the Lotto Black Book system, it also is a lie! You will not get a refund in most all cases, this has been reported by many people!

We recommended to use a real legit winning lottery systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems very highly recommended systems that have been absolutely verified to have won many lottery games the world over. Both systems have No affiliates selling them, this shows they again win real lotteries and are not money making gimmicks like so many other fake systems on the market.

Need more proof of which Systems are really winning lottery games? See the latest poll results on best systems that real users voted on. Now along with all the false Lotto Black Book Reviews telling you the system, is great, you can see real proof and decide for yourself.

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Use Only Smart Lottery Systems To Win Lotto

How bad do you want to win lotto, or at least win the lottery much more frequently? Of course your answer is you want to win lotto very badly and sort of speaking, by using a bogus or useless lottery system you will do just that, win badly! I am going to explain to you, why you MUST only use a Smart Lottery System for playing the lottery and to actually have real winning lotto success.

The fact of the matter is about 90% of all lottery systems are in some way fake, or lying to you about how great they are and how you need to use them for real success. If you were to test and try out every so-called great winning system, which there are about 45 of them, you would have to spend a small fortune to find out the hard way, which systems work and do not work to win the lotto. Here is the break down for lotto systems. First category are the free systems and are free for a good reason, they are virtually useless systems. Next are the systems you must purchase to use and are generally better than most free lotto systems, but are usually full of false advertising and fake testimonials to sell better and never work as good as claimed. Finally there are the lotto systems you must purchase like most systems, except these lotto systems have actually been verified tested and proven to win lotteries. They contain No False Advertising, No Fake Testimonials, which by the way are the hardest systems to find in the pool of fake or false systems available.

When searching for a good lottery system you will see many systems that are lottery software systems. These are in actuality not lottery systems, but information that can be used with real lottery systems and by the way, all info these lotto software systems give you, is free for all online at lottery statistic websites, so never waste your money or time with them, they Do Not Work As Advertised! Most lottery systems are claimed to be designed and sold by lottery experts, this is usually a lie just to pull you into the sale. The real truth is most lottery systems are designed by publishers, who copying material off the Internet and sell it to you! These are what we call useless systems sold by shady marketers looking to make a fast buck from you. The problem is you will never know this unless you checkout lottery review sites as Lotto System Reviews Forum or Lottery Systems Review Group  (top review sites that sell nothing). Or you must know the clues to look for to avoid these poor useless very hyped-up non-winning systems, such as where is it sold through. If it is sold through a place that has affiliates able to sell it such as ClickBank, it is almost 100% a fake useless system. As a matter of fact almost all the bad lottery systems are sold through ClickBank sales pages, so there is a big clue for you.

We have investigated many lottery systems, such as some popular heavily advertised ones as Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver. Ken Silver is not a lottery expert as he claims to be and his lottery systems are nothing but a bunch of hype bordering on lies. Ken Silver is nothing more than a publisher and marketer of many products, most of which do not work anywhere near as good as he claims. Ken Silver is known for using fake testimonials to sell his Silver Lotto System and of course sells through ClickBank and does not honor his guaranteed refunds as reported by many others.

Then we have systems such as The Lotto Black Book, which claims to developed by an MIT Professor named Larry Blair and took about 27 years to develop. This system has fooled hundreds if not thousands of people by the phony scenario of being developed by an MIT Professor and the so-called big lottery wins from using the Lotto Black Book System. The truth is! There is No Larry Blair MIT Professor who developed this silly useless system. It was developed by a common marketer who filled the sales page full of lies to attract buyers (Now has two sales pages). The system is again sold through ClickBank and has tons of affiliates selling it and affiliates will lie to you and write fake reviews on how great the system is when it is NOT, just to make a sale. There is NO Real Winners Who Used This Fake System!

There are many other systems that fall into the bad lottery system category as the Formula 1 Lotto System, which is just a simple lottery software system full of lies and hype to grab your sale, nothing special about this system and all reviews and testimonials are fake. Same with other systems as Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software System, full of false advertising, makes big claims of giving a 96% win rate. When this system was tested over and over again, try a 2% win rate is about the best you will get, again sold through ClickBank as usual. So you see these are not the smart winning systems they claim to be and will never win you the lottery, you would do just as well using random lottery numbers.

Now we have the smart winning lottery systems which have been verified as real winning systems. These are the systems that have been actually tested and proven world-wide to win lottery games. You will see No Fake Reviews as No Affiliates can sell these systems. These systems are not sold through places as ClickBank, as they do not need affiliates selling them to make money, they actually win lottery games, they are not gimmicks! We have two excellent systems that fall into this category of smart winning systems.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Winner of 2012 best winning lottery system poll out of 15 top lottery systems)

Smart Play Lotto Wheels System (Worlds best lottery wheeling system with highest winning lottery game track record)

There only a few other systems that fall into this category, but these are the two very best winning systems in the world. We have verified that these two highly recommended systems have won lotto games the world over as Florida Lotto, Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, Illinois Luckyday Lotto, Ohio Rolling Cash 5, New York Take 5, Oklahoma Hot Lotto, Oklahoma Cash 5, New Jersey Pick 6, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Idaho Double play, California Superlotto Plus, Virginia Lottery, Indiana Lucky 5, Nebraska Pick 5, Georgisa Lottery, Even Australian Lottery and UK Lotto games, plus many others, but you see what I mean how powerful these smart systems are.

Using a lottery system is the absolute best strategy and the smartest way to play the lottery for best winning results, but of course you need to use a good system or you simply will not have good success. The information you have learned in this article could in fact save you a ton of money and hours of wasted time, I hope you pass this article on to others, so they may benefit as well.

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Lotto Black Book System is a Fake System

Do you get junk emails advertising The Lotto Black Book System, claiming it is a secret lottery system designed by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, or lotto pattern exposed by math professor, or Lotto Black Book Formula? If you receive junk emails advertising this highly advertised totally fake lottery system report it to Click Bank as spam. This Lotto Black Book system is sold by many affiliates trying to earn commissions through Click Bank and has tons of fake reviews to suck people in, the system wins No Lottery Games.

The Lotto BlackBook system says will give you outstanding lotto win rates for all lottery games such as Canadian Lottery Games, Australian Lottery Games, South African lottery Games, U.S Lottery Games, UK Lottery Games etc. The problem is the Lottery BlackBook System is a totally fake system full of fake testimonials, fake reviews, and it was not developed by any Math Professor, just a common shady marketer. The Lotto Black Book system advertises can be your for only $95 on the old ClickBank sales page and for around $56 on the second or newest ClickBank sales page. People still inquire to ask if the Lotto BlackBook System is a good system to use. The answer is absolutely NO! It absolutely does not work as advertised, the system is simply a marketing gimmick to make fast cash, it does not win lotteries PERIOD! There is NO such person Larry Blair Oklahoma math professor who developed this lottery Black Book system. The winning lottery photo’s of Larry Blair holding up winning lottery cheques are not Larry Blair, they are a person named Michael Anderson. These lottery winner photo’s were copied without permission from the Oklahoma website and made to look like Larry Blair won using his secret lottery BlackBook system, this is ALL FAKE! 

 The actual Lottery Black Book system is nothing but a very silly, highly confusing system full of nonsense. The system was just made up by a common shady marketer in a few minutes to look like a complicated secret lottery system, but does nothing to win lotteries at all. This lottery system is ONLY designed to make the seller and affiliates who sell it money and they use a guaranteed 60 day refund to secure sales, but do not honor the refund if you request it. Be very careful as many people are issuing complaints on this system, as they never get the refund. ClickBank does not honor refunds for gambling products or systems and will actually ask you to prove the product is faulty, which you simply cannot do with a lottery system.

Yes lottery systems do work to win the lottery, but you should ONLY stick with reputable lottery systems. We can only recommend two legit winning lottery systems. Both systems are highly recommended by many users and both systems have been Tested and Proven to give real winning results. Also both systems are NOT sold through ClickBank and have no affiliates selling them, so all reviews are real!

The two systems you should be using are the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a very unique 3 step lotto system, developed by real University techs using real data and analysis to create a logical winning system with excellent win rates and works for all pick 5 pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games worldwide (not a wheeling system or past drawn numbers system) Tons of great reviews on this system by real users, gives it rock solid proof it produces real lotto winning results.

 Smart Play Lotto Wheels a top lottery wheeling system like no other lotto wheeling system. All the lottery wheels are placed in categories such as Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels, Max Play Wheels. This way you can decide which wheels to play according to your budget (makes good sense) All of the wheels they give you have been Verified Tested and Proven as all have won actual lotteries, no silly made up junk wheels like most systems. Smart Play wheels are the real deal and highly effective for winning all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games.

Bogus fake lottery systems are flooding the market, stealing money from un-suspecting people. Most of these systems can be avoided as they mostly sell through Click Bank which is your big clue to avoid. To date, the Lotto Black book system has ripped off thousands of people. You should report this system first to ClickBank Support and then to the FTC to have it removed from the Internet.

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