Lotto Black Book System is a Fake System

Do you get junk emails advertising The Lotto Black Book System, claiming it is a secret lottery system designed by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, or lotto pattern exposed by math professor, or Lotto Black Book Formula? If you receive junk emails advertising this highly advertised totally fake lottery system report it to Click Bank as spam. This Lotto Black Book system is sold by many affiliates trying to earn commissions through Click Bank and has tons of fake reviews to suck people in, the system wins No Lottery Games.

The Lotto BlackBook system says will give you outstanding lotto win rates for all lottery games such as Canadian Lottery Games, Australian Lottery Games, South African lottery Games, U.S Lottery Games, UK Lottery Games etc. The problem is the Lottery BlackBook System is a totally fake system full of fake testimonials, fake reviews, and it was not developed by any Math Professor, just a common shady marketer. The Lotto Black Book system advertises can be your for only $95 on the old ClickBank sales page and for around $56 on the second or newest ClickBank sales page. People still inquire to ask if the Lotto BlackBook System is a good system to use. The answer is absolutely NO! It absolutely does not work as advertised, the system is simply a marketing gimmick to make fast cash, it does not win lotteries PERIOD! There is NO such person Larry Blair Oklahoma math professor who developed this lottery Black Book system. The winning lottery photo’s of Larry Blair holding up winning lottery cheques are not Larry Blair, they are a person named Michael Anderson. These lottery winner photo’s were copied without permission from the Oklahoma website and made to look like Larry Blair won using his secret lottery BlackBook system, this is ALL FAKE! 

 The actual Lottery Black Book system is nothing but a very silly, highly confusing system full of nonsense. The system was just made up by a common shady marketer in a few minutes to look like a complicated secret lottery system, but does nothing to win lotteries at all. This lottery system is ONLY designed to make the seller and affiliates who sell it money and they use a guaranteed 60 day refund to secure sales, but do not honor the refund if you request it. Be very careful as many people are issuing complaints on this system, as they never get the refund. ClickBank does not honor refunds for gambling products or systems and will actually ask you to prove the product is faulty, which you simply cannot do with a lottery system.

Yes lottery systems do work to win the lottery, but you should ONLY stick with reputable lottery systems. We can only recommend two legit winning lottery systems. Both systems are highly recommended by many users and both systems have been Tested and Proven to give real winning results. Also both systems are NOT sold through ClickBank and have no affiliates selling them, so all reviews are real!

The two systems you should be using are the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a very unique 3 step lotto system, developed by real University techs using real data and analysis to create a logical winning system with excellent win rates and works for all pick 5 pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games worldwide (not a wheeling system or past drawn numbers system) Tons of great reviews on this system by real users, gives it rock solid proof it produces real lotto winning results.

 Smart Play Lotto Wheels a top lottery wheeling system like no other lotto wheeling system. All the lottery wheels are placed in categories such as Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels, Max Play Wheels. This way you can decide which wheels to play according to your budget (makes good sense) All of the wheels they give you have been Verified Tested and Proven as all have won actual lotteries, no silly made up junk wheels like most systems. Smart Play wheels are the real deal and highly effective for winning all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games.

Bogus fake lottery systems are flooding the market, stealing money from un-suspecting people. Most of these systems can be avoided as they mostly sell through Click Bank which is your big clue to avoid. To date, the Lotto Black book system has ripped off thousands of people. You should report this system first to ClickBank Support and then to the FTC to have it removed from the Internet.

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