Lotto Variant System Good or Bad

The Lotto Variant System is another lottery system many people want to know, if the system is a Good or Bad lottery system to use. Here’s what is said about the Lotto Variant system on the ClickBank sales page. System is designed and developed by a 34-year-old average Joe, who by total accident discovered a dirty little secret on how to win lotteries world-wide. This statement is misleading many people, there is No Secret that was discovered, it’s just a fake scenario used to grab your attention.

This new found lottery secret which was put into a system called The Lotto Variant System has supposedly set The Big Lotteries On Fire and that this Dirty Secret has Sky Rocketed his lottery winning Odds Almost Over Night. This again is total nonsense, the system has not set the Big Lotteries on fire, what a ridiculous statement. We also see the Lotto Variant System is owned by Brian D and he shows you some cheques for supposed lottery winning due to using his lotto system. We found these cheques and they are NOT made out to any Brian D. These cheques were copied without permission and used to try and make it look like the Lotto Variant System won, but in reality won nothing!

Lotto Variant System Fake Winners Cheque

When then we looked at the actual Lotto Variant system it’s self and we find it is just a very common type system found freely on the Internet just changed a little. This system has No Real Winners, All Fake! Seriously how many lottery systems out there state they have found a secret way or system to actually win the lottery? The truth most lottery systems we investigated were found to be fakes. The real developer or seller of the Lotto Variant System is a shady Marketer, who is also selling other products through ClickBank under different names and different scenarios, all Totally Fake People, just a money making gimmick to grab your money.

There is absolutely nothing real about it the Lotto Variant lottery system, it is virtually useless as is many other misleading lottery systems such as Lottery Circle Software system by Ace Lee, The Inverted Lottery System, Lottery Method by Ace Lee, How To Win Pick 6 by Ace Lee, Winning the lottery in 3 steps also called the Mark Bower Lottery System, the Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver, The Lotto Payload system, Beat The Lotto System, Lottery Dominator system, The Lotto Black Book System, Formula 1 Lotto System, How To Win Lottery Pool by Ace Lee (just copied straight off Internet), Win Lotto Systems, Lotto Masta system, Lotto Winning Formula, Lotto Cash Machine, Lottery Crusher software System, plus many others. ALL of these lottery systems have been investigated found to be full of false advertising and misleading claims, they absolutely do not work as advertised!

The Lotto Variant System was tested by many lottery players and here is results of a survey of the opinions REAL users of the system had to say about this lottery system.

■64% said it was a useless common lotto system that did not work as advertised nothing special.

■21% said it was a complete waste of $67.00 and won nothing.

■10% said they needed a little more time to test out the system to make a fair vote

■4% said seems OK, but definitely not worth $67.00

■1% said the system works ok

Is the Lotto Variant a Good System To Use? NO

Is The Lotto Variant A Bad System To Use? YES

Shady Marketers are selling new lottery systems almost on a monthly basis, as they must keep changing the systems as people find out they are a fraud. These systems are just old common type useless lottery systems, just changed a little and then re-named using a hyped-up scenario to secure your sale. We recommend you do not buy lottery systems if sold through ClickBank or if the system has affiliates selling it, both are signs the system will not be legit.

What about the good or highly rated lottery system that work and you should be using? There are ONLY a few reputable winning lottery systems. You can check this great lottery system review site to find legit real winning lottery systems to use and which systems to avoid. What lottery systems do we like and highly recommend? We like the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these are very highly recommended systems that are in fact winning lottery games world-wide. both are not developed by shady Marketers and have No affiliates selling them, they are the Good Stuff!

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