Silver Lotto System Is A Waste Of Money!

With all the negative reviews we are receiving about Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System. We feel we must inform people to avoid this useless silly lotto system. The system is nonsense just made up by publisher Ken Silver. If you Google Silver Lotto System, you will see many so-called good reviews on the system. In fact way to many good reviews to be true. Every single good review has been looked at and found out to be FAKE! Meaning the review about the Silver Lotto System was written by Ken Silver or an affiliate selling the system.

So these fake reviews are misleading people into thinking the Silver Lotto System and his Lotto-80 system are working for winning lotteries. When they are really winning nothing! On many review sites their are tons of bad reviews as well, just to inform you.

We actually tested the Silver Lotto System a little while back. We did not use real money to play. We just used the system and checked the lotto draws to see what we would have won. If we actually spent our own money on lottery tickets we would have lost big time. Ken Silver states his Silver Lotto System will give us a 98% win rate or win 8 out of 10 lotto draws. We played 20 lines of numbers each lotto draw for the test of the system. In the six weeks we tested the system we hit only one 3 number winner.

Silver Lotto lottery system Test Was A Complete Fail

So playing two lotto draws each week for six weeks we would have spent $480 just on lottery tickets. Would have only one a $10 lottery ticket winner. What happened to the 98 % win rate?

Ken Silver shows you on his sales page for the Silver Lotto System. A bunch of lottery tickets he says he won using his Silver Lotto lottery system. He shows you these lottery tickets but he makes sure you cannot see them up close why? To see if they are for real or just his losing tickets lined up to be shown to fool you! You would think if they were real he would want people to see them correct?

Just like everything else Ken Silver says about his fake winning Silver Lotto System. These lottery tickets are also fake, not winners. Reputable lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System showed on their webinar up close many real verified winning lottery tickets. All winning lottery tickets were over $1500. This is what we call real proof!

Ken Silver Lotto FAKE Winning Tickets. Ken Silver says he is a big lottery winner YA RIGHT!

Ken silver is now being reported as a scammer by many people

Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System is just an e-book with lottery wheels that simply have no real math involved to allow them to win anything. He most likely found these wheels online for free many years ago or just made them up himself. Then hyped-up the system to make money selling it to you. I also want to warn you! Ken Silver offer a full guaranteed refund if you do not like his system. Do Not Be Fooled! He has rarely given any person a refund and is definitely an untrustworthy seller.

Ken silver is now being reported as a scammer by many people. All lottery system review sites dislike his Silver Lotto System, reporting it a full of false advertising, lies, and fake testimonials.

The Silver Lotto System is 100% definitely a waste of time and money. We highly recommend to stay clear of any products Ken Silver is selling. If you have a complaint about Ken Silver or his silver lotto system, please leave a comment and we will post for others to see.

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