Do Lottery Software Systems Really Work?

This is going to be a big surprise who think Lottery Software Systems Really Work. Lotto Software systems are only for entertainment purposes, not real systems. When you first think of a lottery method, or strategy. That may be helpful at helping you hit those lottery numbers. Most of you will believe the system must be software. If so, then you would be very wrong! OK, at one time years ago these lottery software systems might have had some validity. But times have changed and these types of lottery systems are no longer valid. They are fake systems for entertainment purposes only.

Even back when these lottery software systems might have assisted you in picking your lottery numbers to play. The fact is they only gave you a two to four percent increased odds. That percentage is actually very low. Even though many of these software systems would claim much higher win rates than they actually gave. Are you now ready for the real truth?

Where do you think all of these lottery software systems obtain the numbers they feed you to play? They only get those numbers from two sources. Random numbers and hot and cold past drawn numbers taken right from main lottery game websites such as, and so on.

Lottery Software Systems Are Fake Systems Created By Marketers

So listen up, if the system just gives you random numbers. It is no better than you picking your own lottery numbers out of thin air. If the lottery software systems gets the numbers straight from a main lottery game website like They are merely giving you what is already totally free. Meaning you can go to that lottery game website and get them yourself, no need to pay for it.

The lottery software systems are all marketers trying to pull you into buying their lottery software. They make all sorts of lies and false advertising such as being created by a “Professor” of course that is not true. This is why there are so many of these lottery software systems and why they all are a complete waste of time and money.

So what type of lottery systems are the real ones to use? You should only be using a non-software type system period. If the lottery system does not state it is software, then it is not. Lottery systems are just tools that are designed to improve your chances to hit those lottery numbers a little easier nothing more. Finding a good reputable non software system could be very time consuming. So here are the two best over-all non software systems you should at least be using. Both are rated very good! Just use one and stay with that strategy period.

Lotto Guy Lottery System (a truth winning formula based on number pattern analysis and logical strategies) very effective easy system.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels (is a top rated wheeling system that is not like all other regular wheeling systems) very easy to use.

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