Win Florida Lottery Insider Secrets

Here is some excellent news for increasing your odds to win the Florida Lottery. Why is it that most Florida Lotto players never hit even the smaller winning lotto number winners? The main reason is the way they play the game. They do not use systems or strategies that are designed to increase your win rates, they simply continue to play the same way over and over, even though they never see winning lottery tickets.

The Florida Lotto game is a 6/53 lotto draw where six numbers out of 53 lottery numbers will be drawn at random. If your 6 chosen numbers match the 6 drawn winning lotto numbers in the official drawing, you win the Florida Lotto jackpot. If you match any three, four or five of the drawn lotto winning numbers you win other cash lottery prizes, see the odds to win below.

  1. Match 6 (Jackpot Win!) Odds = 1:22,957,480
  2. Match 5 Odds = 1:81,410
  3. Match 4 Odds = 1:1,416
  4. Match 3 Odds = 1:71

We would all love to win the Florida Lotto jackpot, of course this is very hard to do and only the smarter players will have good winning success. To have better winning success you need to use real systems that are in fact winning the Florida Lotto games. We have reviewed many winning strategies or lottery systems, which claim to increase your winning results for Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball and Florida Fantasy 5. When these systems were actually tested, most all failed to work as advertised. We did however find two lottery programs that real Florida lottery winners were using to win these lotto games.

It was revealed which is an Insider secret, that most of the lottery winners were using one of two lotto systems, both by the way work in totally different ways to increase your chances to win. The two most used winning systems are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems seem to hit the smaller tier winning lottery numbers fairly easy, which is very hard to do by just using random lottery numbers, so smart strategy wins over common playing methods by far.

This clearly shows that using reputable lottery systems is the real key to actually winning the Florida Lotto games and is the smart way to play if you are serious about winning as much as possible.
The Smart Play Lotto Wheels system seems to really hit the 3 and 4 winning lotto numbers frequently, which is due to the superior design of these highly tested and proven lottery wheels. This is the system we recommend as it is the easiest of the two to use. The choice is of course up to you!
Use a real proven system, you end up receiving much better winning Florida Lottery results. Use no system or common random lottery numbers, you receive very poor Florida Lottery winning results and that my friends is a proven fact!
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