Lottery Circle Software Review All Show No Go

Lottery Circle Software is all show does not work as claimed. It wins no lottery games, has tons of bad reviews and is a waste of money system. Lottery Circle Software System is useless. Do not buy this lottery software system until you read the facts by Ace Lee. Ace Lee who claims big winning results for all pick 3 lotto, pick 4 lotto, pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games for people using his Lottery Circle System.

Have you seen the Lottery Circle Software reviews? How can all of these articles say this lottery software system is a winning system? They never show any real proof? I looked at the claims Ace Lee states for his Lottery Circle which is a 96% win rate. That would be phenomenal! Now he has removed the win rate as was caught lying. We emailed some of these lottery circle review articles and asked for some real verified proof, guess what? Not one could give me any proof! How hard could it be to show proof unless you were of course lying right?

The real truth is all of these lottery circle reviews are written by Ace Lee and or his affiliates selling the system. Not by any real users of the system. This is called false advertising and is against the law. It also show us that there are many lies going on about this software system. When putting the lottery circle system to the test. It as expected failed to deliver lottery winning results. We cannot find any real lottery winners using this lotto software program. The lottery system review sites back this up and are reporting Ace Lee and his systems as Lottery Circle as false or very poor lottery systems.

Lottery Circle System Is Nothing Special

The Lottery Circle System was supposedly put together from information. Ace Lee learnt this when he worked as a lottery retailer in a grocery store. After seeing the software system and using it. We know that story is again Not True! The system is based on lottery game past drawn numbers. Which all lottery statistics websites offer completely free!

This is where Ace Lee is getting the data for his lottery circle prediction software. It’s nothing special and there are many software systems giving the exact same information. So do not be fooled by this misleading seller Ace Lee.

Will this Lottery Circle System help you win the lottery? You may get lucky using it, but it will NOT give you a 96% win rate that is just made up to sell a product. In reality the system as reported by many others will only ate best give you a very low 2% win rate and really is not much better than using random lottery numbers!

Use Only Verified Reputable Lotto Systems

If you do choose to use a past drawn lottery numbers system to help increase your odds to win, you will be disappointed. This is a very common type of way to choose lottery numbers and has been thoroughly proven to only increase you odds to win a very small percentage. A much better and smarter approach to increasing your odds or win rates. Is with a verified reputable Tested and Proven winning lotto system like Smart Play Lotto Wheels, this lotto wheeling system really does work improve your odds to win lotteries!

Also the best winning lottery system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and is very highly recommended by real lottery winners. Both systems are very powerful winning systems and should be first on your list of systems to use.

Lottery Circle System Got Poor Ratings

Lets see where the Lottery Circle System place in the Best Winning Lotto System Poll. Click the poll results chart to enlarge. As you can see the Lottery Circle Software received very poor ratings only 1% of the votes went to this system. So not many users like the system, won nothing with it, so again backs up the reports and reviews stating the system is virtually useless hype. Would you use a system that Ace Lee a common marketer says is best or a system that wins a poll that cannot be faked? Now you have been brought up to speed on the real truth behind the Lottery Circle System.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

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