Formula 1 Lotto System Nothing Special

Seriously people, why are you still buying useless lottery systems such as Formula 1 Lotto System, which is just your very common type lotto software system found free online and has been proven virtually useless at winning the lottery. Do not fall for fake advertising as this system gives you. Do you really believe this Formula 1 Lotto system was developed by a 63 year old MIT Professor named Glen Hooke, who took 27 years to develop it? No such person exists, it’s all just a made up scenario to trick you! This very poor lottery system is just a very common lotto software type system, all info it gives is absolutely free online.

You will see many great reviews on this Formula 1 Lotto System, but here is why! Almost every single good review is written by an affiliate selling the system for commission. There are NO real lottery winners who used and won with this very poor full of lies system. What this lotto software does for you, you can do free and get better results, so save your money for real lottery systems that actually win lottery games. Any lottery system that is sold through ClickBank has affiliates selling it and is a huge sign of a rip-off system. No lottery system that realy wins lottery games will be sold through places as ClickBank, there would be no need.

Just so you know, there is a couple of different sales pages for this Formula 1 Lotto System and each gives different advise and different claims. This was the first time the system was thoroughly investigated as it is a clear sign of a shady system. The Formula 1 Lotto System sales page used to say the system took Professor Glen Hooke 9 years to developed , then on newer sales page it states it took him  27 years, all just lies. This shady system is full of fake testimonials, which was very easy to check out. It is very obvious the shady seller of this fake system is just a common marketer and is looking to make a fast buck from you! Please do not fall for B.S 60 Day Guarantee Refund! That is also been verified by many as a lie!

Are advice is to stay clear of crappy B.S lotto systems such as the Formula 1 Lotto System and use a real verified winning lottery system such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which in fact even won the 2012 best winning lottery system poll out of 15 top so-called systems. This Lotto Guy System is a real lottery system with real proof of winning lottery games world-wide, need I say more?

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