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Ace Lee an EX lotto retailer, claims his Lottery Method System is what you need to succeed at winning lotto, read on for Lottery Method Exposed! First lets evaluate where the resources for the Lottery Method System came from. Your not going to learn secrets to winning the lottery as a lotto retailer, or there would literally be thousands of so called lottery experts. Ace Lee is a marketer plan and simple, so where do marketer get their information for lotto systems as Lottery Method and his Lottery Circle System? If you guessed off the Internet for free, you would be correct!

The Lottery Method system which is an e-book claims to reveal lotto insider winning tips for making seemingly unpredictable lottery games now very “predictable.” Now after looking the Lottery Method e-book over, Yes, you do get a 80 page e-book filled with lotto strategies for pick 3, 4, 5 and 6 lotto games, but there certainly is nothing special that would make winning the lottery now very predictable. The e-book is long winded and we find nothing but common strategies found online all over the place absolutely free and all of these lotto strategies are virtually useless and have been around since the ice age! Why would anyone want to pay for what is free! Ace Lee is very well known to seriously hype-up his systems to mislead people and the Lottery Method System is no different.

If you browse all the lottery system review sites, you will find they all report the Lottery Method System as a very poor lottery system. You can see this for yourself at Lottery Lottery Systems Review Group or Lotto System Reviews the Truth or Lottery Systems Reviews plus many other review sites. Also I would like to point most all of the good reviews you see about the Lottery Method System are written by the seller or sellers of the system, they are not real! All of these tell you it is a great winning system, but there are no real winners and all people who have tried the system report it as useless material. Save your money for real systems that are not simply common strategies found everywhere, they are a dime a dozen. We will show you which systems really are winning the lottery and are created by real lottery experts not store clerks.

Take a peek at the latest best winning lottery system official poll results below, just click to enlarge. You see which systems are top winning systems, Lotto Guy Lottery System, then Smart Play Lotto Wheels, then Gail Howard’s Smart Luck. Ace Lee’s Lottery Method was not even considered for this years poll, as last year it was entered and received no votes at all, meaning there were No Winners who used the system. It’s really sad that people like Ace Lee just simply copy junk off the Internet and sell it as if it was gold. Stick with real winning lottery systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System, or for those who want fast very easy systems, but very effective use Smart Play Lotto Wheels and you will not go wrong.

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

Here is something I’m itching to reveal, do you know that Ace Lee is an affiliate seller of many other lottery systems? It’s true! He sends out emails all the time to his list about various lottery systems, which of course he tells you are great systems and you should use them, when really they are crap systems. Yes, he even sends out emails about his own systems as his Lottery Method System, but the point is, he tries to sell everything to you! Even the systems that are reported as pure scams! Can you trust a seller like this? I sure hope not, you will be be sorry and lose your money. Also never trust the 100% guaranteed refunds, many people have reported this as a lie!

Remember! The choice to use a lottery system is a very good idea, it’s really the only tool that can increase your win rates to win lotto, but you need to use a real winning system or it’s all for nothing. We have exposed the Lottery method System for what it really is! We are here to help you win the lotto, not get suckered over and over until you eventually find the right systems to use.

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