Silver Lotto System The Truth!

The Silver Lotto System is sold by Ken Silver and claims will unlock secrets to win the lotto by giving you a 98% win rate, winning 8 out of every 10 draws. Ken Silver has been selling his Silver Lotto System for a very long time (since 1990’s), so of course there have been many tests and reviews done on the Silver system to see whether it actually works as Ken Silver claims, or does not work as advertised at all.

Ken Silver calls himself a lottery expert, when in fact he is nothing even close to being a lottery expert. Ken Silver is just your common publisher and deceitful Marketer, yes I said DECEITFUL MARKETER. The Silver Lotto System when tested over and over by many users, did not even come close to giving a 98% win rate, as a matter of fact, most users of this very poor system received a ZERO PERCENT WIN RATE! We investigated deep into the false advertising Ken Silver uses to sell his Silver Lotto System and have found some very nasty misleading information. We found out Ken Silver has won NO Big Lottery Games with his own Silver Lotto System, but guarantee’s you a ridiculous 98% win rate. We also found out his testimonials are false! Now all of this is very bad to see as a seller who tries to pretend to want to help you avoid scams and help you win the lottery. While Ken Silver pushes his very poor Silver Lotto System on UN-Suspecting people, he at the same time, is refusing to give the people who purchased his silly system a full guaranteed refund. When Ken Silver gets your money, your out of of luck!

Ken Silver shows you on his sales page for the Silver Lotto System, a bunch of his so-called winning lottery tickets, but intentionally blurs them out just enough so you cannot see the full details, another shady marketing trick to fool people you. He removes items from his sales page when the word is out it is false, so it may or may not still be on the website when you read this article.

Did you know when you buy the Silver Lotto System (e-book download) inside Ken Silver tells you, to purchase what he calls a profile to win better, of course this is another cost you must pay him. These profiles are just lotto numbers he sends you for whatever lotto game you are playing. These same profiles or lotto numbers ken Silver sends are directly off the Internet and free for all, what a scam system this Marketer has rigged.

Yes, there are good reviews on the Silver Lotto System, but if you look at them a little closer, you will see they are all written by affiliates selling the system through Click Bank for sales commission or by Ken Silver Himself so all false! All reputable lottery system review sites give very bad reviews on the Silver Lotto System, you can review them for yourself if you wish, here area few below:

There are other review sites, but you see what we are trying to show you. Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System are now posted on many Scam Review sites as well, which clearly shows you, this seller has been reported as ripping people off. If you have been taken by this untrustworthy seller purchasing his Silver lotto System and have a need to vent, let a comment to let other know.

It’s one thing to sell a useless lottery systems as the Silver Lotto System using false advertising, but when many people are complaining of being ripped off and NO REFUNDS, time to lock up this con artist for good! If you play the lottery using silly useless systems such as the Silver Lotto System will get you no where fast, always use a highly recommended system that real lottery winners use and recommend as the best lottery system winner by poll votes Lotto Guy Lottery System.

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