Silver Lotto System The Truth!

The Silver Lotto System is sold by Ken Silver and claims will unlock secrets to win the lotto by giving you a 98% win rate, winning 8 out of every 10 draws. Ken Silver has been selling his Silver Lotto System for a very long time (since 1990’s), so of course there have been many tests and reviews done on the Silver system to see whether it actually works as Ken Silver claims, or does not work as advertised at all.

Ken Silver calls himself a lottery expert, when in fact he is nothing even close to being a lottery expert. Ken Silver is just your common publisher and deceitful Marketer, yes I said DECEITFUL MARKETER. The Silver Lotto System when tested over and over by many users, did not even come close to giving a 98% win rate, as a matter of fact, most users of this very poor system received a ZERO PERCENT WIN RATE! We investigated deep into the false advertising Ken Silver uses to sell his Silver Lotto System and have found some very nasty misleading information. We found out Ken Silver has won NO Big Lottery Games with his own Silver Lotto System, but guarantee’s you a ridiculous 98% win rate. We also found out his testimonials are false! Now all of this is very bad to see as a seller who tries to pretend to want to help you avoid scams and help you win the lottery. While Ken Silver pushes his very poor Silver Lotto System on UN-Suspecting people, he at the same time, is refusing to give the people who purchased his silly system a full guaranteed refund. When Ken Silver gets your money, your out of of luck!

Ken Silver shows you on his sales page for the Silver Lotto System, a bunch of his so-called winning lottery tickets, but intentionally blurs them out just enough so you cannot see the full details, another shady marketing trick to fool people you. He removes items from his sales page when the word is out it is false, so it may or may not still be on the website when you read this article.

Did you know when you buy the Silver Lotto System (e-book download) inside Ken Silver tells you, to purchase what he calls a profile to win better, of course this is another cost you must pay him. These profiles are just lotto numbers he sends you for whatever lotto game you are playing. These same profiles or lotto numbers ken Silver sends are directly off the Internet and free for all, what a scam system this Marketer has rigged.

Yes, there are good reviews on the Silver Lotto System, but if you look at them a little closer, you will see they are all written by affiliates selling the system through Click Bank for sales commission or by Ken Silver Himself so all false! All reputable lottery system review sites give very bad reviews on the Silver Lotto System, you can review them for yourself if you wish, here area few below:

There are other review sites, but you see what we are trying to show you. Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System are now posted on many Scam Review sites as well, which clearly shows you, this seller has been reported as ripping people off. If you have been taken by this untrustworthy seller purchasing his Silver lotto System and have a need to vent, let a comment to let other know.

It’s one thing to sell a useless lottery systems as the Silver Lotto System using false advertising, but when many people are complaining of being ripped off and NO REFUNDS, time to lock up this con artist for good! If you play the lottery using silly useless systems such as the Silver Lotto System will get you no where fast, always use a highly recommended system that real lottery winners use and recommend as the best lottery system winner by poll votes Lotto Guy Lottery System.

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Lotto Guy Lottery System Worlds Best System

The big news is the Lotto Guy Lottery System is now rated as the worlds best winning lottery system, it’s a system that you should be using. This excellent winning lottery system won the best winning lottery system poll out of many top selling systems. You most likely have heard of some of these lottery systems as The Lotto Black Book, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle Software System, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Dominator, Win Lotto Systems, Mark Bower Lottery System, Lotto Variant System, plus many others. All of these lottery systems make big claims to win the lottery and claim their system will give you very high win rates, some as high as 98%.  Do these system really deliver the winning results they claim to give, No, Absolutely Not!

This is where many lottery players get discouraged, they fall for the hype these very poor winning lottery systems claim on their sales pages, usually along with misleading testimonials, false photos of winning lottery cheques and their false 60 day guaranteed refunds. This is why a legit anti-cheat lottery system poll was held, so you could vote on the system that gave you real lottery winning results and then the whole world can have real verified proof of real winning systems, rather than going from false system to false system. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is not like these silly systems, it really does help you win the lottery and poll results confirms this along with the many Lotto Guy Lottery System reviews, that also suggests the system is a good system to be using .

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is far different than any of these other very poor shady like systems. The Lotto Guy System has no false Testimonials. The system is not sold through places such as Click Bank as to allow affiliates to sell their product, as the lottery system actually wins lottery games, does not need to make money from affiliate sales like most other poor winning systems. Here is a copy below of the final poll results for the 2012 Best Winning Lottery System.

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

As you can see the winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking first place with 83% of the votes. This is solid real Proof! you cannot avoid proof as good as a poll. We have also reviewed many lottery winners using and winning lotto games with the Lotto Guy Lottery System for Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Superlotto, Texas Lotto, Virginia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, New York Lotto, Ohio Lottery, UK Lotto games, Australian Lottery games, South African Lottery plus many other lotto games world-wide.

Now just hold on a second, there was also another poll just taken more recently for best winning lottery system that works. I was very surprised that the winner for the second time was again Lotto Guy Lottery System, well not that surprised as most systems are actually phony and just sold to make money, but win no lottery games.

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

so we agree this winning Lotto Guy Lottery System is the very best system in the world to use. There are a few other good systems, but they simply cannot match this powerful winning system. The facts are real, now it’s time to change to a better way to win lottery games.

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Lotto Variant System Good or Bad

The Lotto Variant System is another lottery system many people want to know, if the system is a Good or Bad lottery system to use. Here’s what is said about the Lotto Variant system on the ClickBank sales page. System is designed and developed by a 34-year-old average Joe, who by total accident discovered a dirty little secret on how to win lotteries world-wide. This statement is misleading many people, there is No Secret that was discovered, it’s just a fake scenario used to grab your attention.

This new found lottery secret which was put into a system called The Lotto Variant System has supposedly set The Big Lotteries On Fire and that this Dirty Secret has Sky Rocketed his lottery winning Odds Almost Over Night. This again is total nonsense, the system has not set the Big Lotteries on fire, what a ridiculous statement. We also see the Lotto Variant System is owned by Brian D and he shows you some cheques for supposed lottery winning due to using his lotto system. We found these cheques and they are NOT made out to any Brian D. These cheques were copied without permission and used to try and make it look like the Lotto Variant System won, but in reality won nothing!

Lotto Variant System Fake Winners Cheque

When then we looked at the actual Lotto Variant system it’s self and we find it is just a very common type system found freely on the Internet just changed a little. This system has No Real Winners, All Fake! Seriously how many lottery systems out there state they have found a secret way or system to actually win the lottery? The truth most lottery systems we investigated were found to be fakes. The real developer or seller of the Lotto Variant System is a shady Marketer, who is also selling other products through ClickBank under different names and different scenarios, all Totally Fake People, just a money making gimmick to grab your money.

There is absolutely nothing real about it the Lotto Variant lottery system, it is virtually useless as is many other misleading lottery systems such as Lottery Circle Software system by Ace Lee, The Inverted Lottery System, Lottery Method by Ace Lee, How To Win Pick 6 by Ace Lee, Winning the lottery in 3 steps also called the Mark Bower Lottery System, the Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver, The Lotto Payload system, Beat The Lotto System, Lottery Dominator system, The Lotto Black Book System, Formula 1 Lotto System, How To Win Lottery Pool by Ace Lee (just copied straight off Internet), Win Lotto Systems, Lotto Masta system, Lotto Winning Formula, Lotto Cash Machine, Lottery Crusher software System, plus many others. ALL of these lottery systems have been investigated found to be full of false advertising and misleading claims, they absolutely do not work as advertised!

The Lotto Variant System was tested by many lottery players and here is results of a survey of the opinions REAL users of the system had to say about this lottery system.

■64% said it was a useless common lotto system that did not work as advertised nothing special.

■21% said it was a complete waste of $67.00 and won nothing.

■10% said they needed a little more time to test out the system to make a fair vote

■4% said seems OK, but definitely not worth $67.00

■1% said the system works ok

Is the Lotto Variant a Good System To Use? NO

Is The Lotto Variant A Bad System To Use? YES

Shady Marketers are selling new lottery systems almost on a monthly basis, as they must keep changing the systems as people find out they are a fraud. These systems are just old common type useless lottery systems, just changed a little and then re-named using a hyped-up scenario to secure your sale. We recommend you do not buy lottery systems if sold through ClickBank or if the system has affiliates selling it, both are signs the system will not be legit.

What about the good or highly rated lottery system that work and you should be using? There are ONLY a few reputable winning lottery systems. You can check this great lottery system review site to find legit real winning lottery systems to use and which systems to avoid. What lottery systems do we like and highly recommend? We like the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these are very highly recommended systems that are in fact winning lottery games world-wide. both are not developed by shady Marketers and have No affiliates selling them, they are the Good Stuff!

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How To Win Big Playing Lotto

How to win big at playing the Lotto is not as hard as you think, you must change the way you play now and start using a smarter lotto strategy. If you are not using a good proven strategy you simply will not have good lottery winning success. This has been proven over and over again and the out come is always the same.

Many lottery players playing Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Superlotto Plus, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, Uk Lotto, OZ Lotto and so on have been looking for real effective ways on how to actually win the lottery. Most of these lottery players, have never won much more than a 3 lottery numbers winning lottery ticket. They all want to make their big dreams come true, or at least start winning lotto more frequently. It is quite reasonable for many people to spend their time and money playing the lotteries, as it is the best chance to be a millionaire instantly!  If one had good proven strategies or playing techniques that can be employed in the lotto game, they would definitely have a much greater chance of winning the lotto.

You must be smart and only use a tested and proven strategy that has won other lottery winners money, or you again will simply fail. Using a smart mathematical type of lottery method will guarantee you to win more often than not. These lottery methods or strategies are somewhat relevant to the lotto system that is being used in obtaining your number combinations for your lottery draws.

Types of lottery systems will vary greatly on the way they improve your odds to win the lottery. The use of lottery software systems that is especially made for lottery games is a very common basic strategy used as it analysis past drawn lottery numbers and gives you the win frequency of how many times a number is drawn. Many lottery systems or lotto software systems are based on this strategy, but do not be fooled this type of strategy really does increase your odds to win by very much. It actually works about as good as using your standard lotto quick picks or picking random lotto numbers to obtain your lottery numbers to play.

The fact is, most lottery systems are just nonsense and do almost nothing to help you win the lotto. Only a couple of very well designed lottery systems have been found and tested to actually increase your odds or win rates to win lotto more frequently. The Lotto Guy Lottery System which uses a way different approach to increasing your lotto odds to win, is a very smart system to use and is very highly recommended by many. Compared to common lottery software systems, this lotto guy system is much more superior at hitting winning lotto numbers, due to the fact the system was developed by real lottery experts and not just a marketer as is 90% of all other systems.

This true winning system won best winning lottery system out of 15 top systems in 2012 by poll votes and is possibly the best lottery system in the world for any pick five lotto game or pick six lotto game. Yes, you could try out every lottery software system, every lotto wheeling system or lottery software programs out on the market to see what works best, but this takes a lot of time and money and is simply an un-wise strategy. By sticking with only real proven winning reputable systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, you will have the benefit of using a superior winning system right from the get go and this is how to win the lottery for real!

To give you even more proof of which lottery systems are working or not working for people to win lotto games, just go to one of the reputable lottery system review sites that sell nothing and give honest reviews. There you will find out the truth about most lottery systems on the market and to make a better decision.

Lottery Systems Review Group

Lotto System Reviews

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Use Only Smart Lottery Systems To Win Lotto

How bad do you want to win lotto, or at least win the lottery much more frequently? Of course your answer is you want to win lotto very badly and sort of speaking, by using a bogus or useless lottery system you will do just that, win badly! I am going to explain to you, why you MUST only use a Smart Lottery System for playing the lottery and to actually have real winning lotto success.

The fact of the matter is about 90% of all lottery systems are in some way fake, or lying to you about how great they are and how you need to use them for real success. If you were to test and try out every so-called great winning system, which there are about 45 of them, you would have to spend a small fortune to find out the hard way, which systems work and do not work to win the lotto. Here is the break down for lotto systems. First category are the free systems and are free for a good reason, they are virtually useless systems. Next are the systems you must purchase to use and are generally better than most free lotto systems, but are usually full of false advertising and fake testimonials to sell better and never work as good as claimed. Finally there are the lotto systems you must purchase like most systems, except these lotto systems have actually been verified tested and proven to win lotteries. They contain No False Advertising, No Fake Testimonials, which by the way are the hardest systems to find in the pool of fake or false systems available.

When searching for a good lottery system you will see many systems that are lottery software systems. These are in actuality not lottery systems, but information that can be used with real lottery systems and by the way, all info these lotto software systems give you, is free for all online at lottery statistic websites, so never waste your money or time with them, they Do Not Work As Advertised! Most lottery systems are claimed to be designed and sold by lottery experts, this is usually a lie just to pull you into the sale. The real truth is most lottery systems are designed by publishers, who copying material off the Internet and sell it to you! These are what we call useless systems sold by shady marketers looking to make a fast buck from you. The problem is you will never know this unless you checkout lottery review sites as Lotto System Reviews Forum or Lottery Systems Review Group  (top review sites that sell nothing). Or you must know the clues to look for to avoid these poor useless very hyped-up non-winning systems, such as where is it sold through. If it is sold through a place that has affiliates able to sell it such as ClickBank, it is almost 100% a fake useless system. As a matter of fact almost all the bad lottery systems are sold through ClickBank sales pages, so there is a big clue for you.

We have investigated many lottery systems, such as some popular heavily advertised ones as Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver. Ken Silver is not a lottery expert as he claims to be and his lottery systems are nothing but a bunch of hype bordering on lies. Ken Silver is nothing more than a publisher and marketer of many products, most of which do not work anywhere near as good as he claims. Ken Silver is known for using fake testimonials to sell his Silver Lotto System and of course sells through ClickBank and does not honor his guaranteed refunds as reported by many others.

Then we have systems such as The Lotto Black Book, which claims to developed by an MIT Professor named Larry Blair and took about 27 years to develop. This system has fooled hundreds if not thousands of people by the phony scenario of being developed by an MIT Professor and the so-called big lottery wins from using the Lotto Black Book System. The truth is! There is No Larry Blair MIT Professor who developed this silly useless system. It was developed by a common marketer who filled the sales page full of lies to attract buyers (Now has two sales pages). The system is again sold through ClickBank and has tons of affiliates selling it and affiliates will lie to you and write fake reviews on how great the system is when it is NOT, just to make a sale. There is NO Real Winners Who Used This Fake System!

There are many other systems that fall into the bad lottery system category as the Formula 1 Lotto System, which is just a simple lottery software system full of lies and hype to grab your sale, nothing special about this system and all reviews and testimonials are fake. Same with other systems as Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software System, full of false advertising, makes big claims of giving a 96% win rate. When this system was tested over and over again, try a 2% win rate is about the best you will get, again sold through ClickBank as usual. So you see these are not the smart winning systems they claim to be and will never win you the lottery, you would do just as well using random lottery numbers.

Now we have the smart winning lottery systems which have been verified as real winning systems. These are the systems that have been actually tested and proven world-wide to win lottery games. You will see No Fake Reviews as No Affiliates can sell these systems. These systems are not sold through places as ClickBank, as they do not need affiliates selling them to make money, they actually win lottery games, they are not gimmicks! We have two excellent systems that fall into this category of smart winning systems.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Winner of 2012 best winning lottery system poll out of 15 top lottery systems)

Smart Play Lotto Wheels System (Worlds best lottery wheeling system with highest winning lottery game track record)

There only a few other systems that fall into this category, but these are the two very best winning systems in the world. We have verified that these two highly recommended systems have won lotto games the world over as Florida Lotto, Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, Illinois Luckyday Lotto, Ohio Rolling Cash 5, New York Take 5, Oklahoma Hot Lotto, Oklahoma Cash 5, New Jersey Pick 6, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Idaho Double play, California Superlotto Plus, Virginia Lottery, Indiana Lucky 5, Nebraska Pick 5, Georgisa Lottery, Even Australian Lottery and UK Lotto games, plus many others, but you see what I mean how powerful these smart systems are.

Using a lottery system is the absolute best strategy and the smartest way to play the lottery for best winning results, but of course you need to use a good system or you simply will not have good success. The information you have learned in this article could in fact save you a ton of money and hours of wasted time, I hope you pass this article on to others, so they may benefit as well.

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Win Texas Lottery Proven Effective Strategy

There are NO special tricks or secrets to winning Texas Lotto or Texas Lottery games such as Texas Lotto, Texas Lotto Cash 5, Texas Mega Million and Texas Powerball. We are always searching and reading reviews to hear and find out what other successful lotto player’s use regarding winning the Texas Lottery games. Do you ever win the Texas Lottery games? I bet you usually hit a 3 number winning combination about 2-3 times per year, possible even less, as this is the average for winning these Texas Lotto games. It is a well investigated proven fact that changing your common losing strategy playing the Texas lottery games such as Texas Mega million is a very smart thing to do. You simply cannot use just random lotto numbers and expect to win much playing any Texas Lotto game. The Big Texas lottery winners already know this to be verified and true, but still the majority of Texas lottery players are quite blind to this useless strategy or lottery method.

You must use a lottery system that can increase your winning odds, this is the proven smart way to play not just Texas Lottery games, but all lottery games world-wide! Yes, there are many kinds of lottery systems, all claiming to have finally cracked the secret code to win the lottery, most are lying to you as they are just marketers selling a useless very hyped-up lottery system. Almost 90% of all lottery systems are useless garbage and will never win you any lottery game! We have been investigating all varieties of lottery systems for just over 3 years now and have only found two lotto systems that were verified proven tested legit winning systems for winning the Texas Lottery games. Both of very recommended authentic winning lottery systems have in fact won Texas Lotto, Texas Mega Million, Texas Powerball and Texas Lotto Cash 5, more than once and verified by real Texas Lottery Winners! So you see the winning track record for winning Texas Lottery games is very high with these proven systems VS silly useless systems.

Here are the two best rated, tested and proven systems the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top winning lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. We have found many Texas Lottery winners using these systems with very good results. Two of these Texas lottery players did hit a 6 out of 6 winning Texas lotto numbers, now that’s how you really the win Texas Lotto! The top ranked Lotto Guy Lottery system is now known as the best winning lottery system in the world after winning a 2012 lottery system poll results, taking in 83% of the votes for even more proof of being the best winning system (see poll results below)

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Results!

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Results!

This best winning lottery system poll was a major factor in showing which lottery systems worked and which were full of B.S as 90 % of all testimonials given for systems have been found fakes If you are going to play the Texas lottery games you now have the insider scoop on which systems actually and will save you a ton of time and money. Will you win the Texas Lotto jackpot? Maybe in time, but you will most certainly have much more winning success at hitting the smaller tier lottery cash prizes, which does add up fast and sure beats losing all the time correct?

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Formula 1 Lotto System Nothing Special

Seriously people, why are you still buying useless lottery systems such as Formula 1 Lotto System, which is just your very common type lotto software system found free online and has been proven virtually useless at winning the lottery. Do not fall for fake advertising as this system gives you. Do you really believe this Formula 1 Lotto system was developed by a 63 year old MIT Professor named Glen Hooke, who took 27 years to develop it? No such person exists, it’s all just a made up scenario to trick you! This very poor lottery system is just a very common lotto software type system, all info it gives is absolutely free online.

You will see many great reviews on this Formula 1 Lotto System, but here is why! Almost every single good review is written by an affiliate selling the system for commission. There are NO real lottery winners who used and won with this very poor full of lies system. What this lotto software does for you, you can do free and get better results, so save your money for real lottery systems that actually win lottery games. Any lottery system that is sold through ClickBank has affiliates selling it and is a huge sign of a rip-off system. No lottery system that realy wins lottery games will be sold through places as ClickBank, there would be no need.

Just so you know, there is a couple of different sales pages for this Formula 1 Lotto System and each gives different advise and different claims. This was the first time the system was thoroughly investigated as it is a clear sign of a shady system. The Formula 1 Lotto System sales page used to say the system took Professor Glen Hooke 9 years to developed , then on newer sales page it states it took him  27 years, all just lies. This shady system is full of fake testimonials, which was very easy to check out. It is very obvious the shady seller of this fake system is just a common marketer and is looking to make a fast buck from you! Please do not fall for B.S 60 Day Guarantee Refund! That is also been verified by many as a lie!

Are advice is to stay clear of crappy B.S lotto systems such as the Formula 1 Lotto System and use a real verified winning lottery system such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which in fact even won the 2012 best winning lottery system poll out of 15 top so-called systems. This Lotto Guy System is a real lottery system with real proof of winning lottery games world-wide, need I say more?

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Lotto BlackBook Systenm Is A Fake System

Lottery Systems Review Group

Lotto Black Book System is a Fake System

Do you get junk emails advertising The Lotto Black Book System, claiming it is a secret lottery system designed by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, or lotto pattern exposed by math professor, or Lotto Black Book Formula? If you receive junk emails advertising this highly advertised totally fake lottery system report it to Click Bank as spam. This Lotto Black Book system is sold by many affiliates trying to earn commissions through Click Bank and has tons of fake reviews to suck people in, the system wins No Lottery Games.

The Lotto BlackBook system says will give you outstanding lotto win rates for all lottery games such as Canadian Lottery Games, Australian Lottery Games, South African lottery Games, U.S Lottery Games, UK Lottery Games etc. The problem is the Lottery BlackBook System is a totally fake system full of fake testimonials, fake reviews, and it was not developed by any Math Professor, just a common shady marketer. The Lotto Black Book system advertises can be your for only $95 on the old ClickBank sales page and for around $56 on the second or newest ClickBank sales page. People still inquire to ask if the Lotto BlackBook System is a good system to use. The answer is absolutely NO! It absolutely does not work as advertised, the system is simply a marketing gimmick to make fast cash, it does not win lotteries PERIOD! There is NO such person Larry Blair Oklahoma math professor who developed this lottery Black Book system. The winning lottery photo’s of Larry Blair holding up winning lottery cheques are not Larry Blair, they are a person named Michael Anderson. These lottery winner photo’s were copied without permission from the Oklahoma website and made to look like Larry Blair won using his secret lottery BlackBook system, this is ALL FAKE! 

 The actual Lottery Black Book system is nothing but a very silly, highly confusing system full of nonsense. The system was just made up by a common shady marketer in a few minutes to look like a complicated secret lottery system, but does nothing to win lotteries at all. This lottery system is ONLY designed to make the seller and affiliates who sell it money and they use a guaranteed 60 day refund to secure sales, but do not honor the refund if you request it. Be very careful as many people are issuing complaints on this system, as they never get the refund. ClickBank does not honor refunds for gambling products or systems and will actually ask you to prove the product is faulty, which you simply cannot do with a lottery system.

Yes lottery systems do work to win the lottery, but you should ONLY stick with reputable lottery systems. We can only recommend two legit winning lottery systems. Both systems are highly recommended by many users and both systems have been Tested and Proven to give real winning results. Also both systems are NOT sold through ClickBank and have no affiliates selling them, so all reviews are real!

The two systems you should be using are the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a very unique 3 step lotto system, developed by real University techs using real data and analysis to create a logical winning system with excellent win rates and works for all pick 5 pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games worldwide (not a wheeling system or past drawn numbers system) Tons of great reviews on this system by real users, gives it rock solid proof it produces real lotto winning results.

 Smart Play Lotto Wheels a top lottery wheeling system like no other lotto wheeling system. All the lottery wheels are placed in categories such as Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels, Max Play Wheels. This way you can decide which wheels to play according to your budget (makes good sense) All of the wheels they give you have been Verified Tested and Proven as all have won actual lotteries, no silly made up junk wheels like most systems. Smart Play wheels are the real deal and highly effective for winning all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games.

Bogus fake lottery systems are flooding the market, stealing money from un-suspecting people. Most of these systems can be avoided as they mostly sell through Click Bank which is your big clue to avoid. To date, the Lotto Black book system has ripped off thousands of people. You should report this system first to ClickBank Support and then to the FTC to have it removed from the Internet.

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Horoscope Lucky Numbers To Win The Lottery

If you are using your sign of the Zodiac to find your Horoscope lucky numbers to win the lottery you are wasting your time. You need to be aware that playing the lottery using this type of strategy, is really only done just for fun. I’m not saying people have not won lottery games using this fun strategy, I’m saying the odds to win using this strategy are very poor and I will explain why.

Do you ever wonder where these lucky lottery Horoscope numbers come from? Astrology is based on the belief that the positioning of the planets and stars can determine the events of our life and this is supposed to provide us with astute insights to our futures. The lucky numbers based on your Zodiac sign are really nothing special and have been shown for 99% of the people using them for playing the lottery, to be actually very un-lucky. Most so-called Horoscope or Astrology experts giving you lucky lottery numbers are actually getting them from a random numbers generator, essentially the same as you picking your own random lotto numbers.

Here is good test you can do if you play the lottery on a regular basis. Play the lottery game you normally play for one month, only using your lucky Horoscope lottery numbers. Now play the lottery again for one month, but this time use a real reputable winning lottery system such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System or a top lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both systems are widely known winning systems, and both systems are very highly recommended for playing Pick 5 and Pick 6 lotto games.

I have done this test myself as have many others and the out come is always the same. The real proven winning lotto systems always win far more than the so-called lucky Horoscope lottery numbers, which proves to really win the lottery, you need properly designed tested and proven strategies to have real winning success! By all means, if you are just playing the lottery for fun, then use your Zodiac sign lucky numbers, but if you are serious about winning lotto, use real systems to gain the advantage and boost your win rates many fold over silly strategies.

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Here are some real lotto winning tips to win the lottery that you should use, as these have been proven very successful for many lottery winners. There are two theories that can be called winning theories for picking your numbers those are the Law of Averages and lotto Frequency Theory. I want to state that these theories are not lottery systems, even though all lottery software systems supply these and claim it to be a lotto system. These are to be used with real proven lottery systems to increase your win rates even further.

The “Law of Averages” states that the numbers that haven’t hit in the last 30 days are your “cold lotto numbers” and will most likely hit as winning numbers soon. These would be your future winning numbers to play.

The “Frequency Theory” says just the opposite, that the “hot lotto numbers” or the numbers that have been hitting most frequently in the last 30 days are most likely you’re winning numbers. These would be very likely to hit and should be used.

Both theories are good for playing the lottery, simply because both hot and cold numbers will hit more often than the mild lotto numbers. Mild numbers should not be played in the lottery because they do not hit again very often in most future lotto draws.

Make sure you research your lottery official website for your particular lotto game, so you know what you’re hot and cold numbers are. This will be easier for you to pick them, and easier for you to win.

Now this is where most common lottery strategy stops, but we will show you how to now seriously increase your lottery winning success, by recommending real proven winning lottery systems that you can apply these hot and cold number theories along with. Using your hot and cold numbers you only need to go back about 8-12 lottery draws to obtain them any more and you will be out of the recent winning zone. Now choose a real lottery system to apply these hot and cold numbers. We like the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto wheels System, as both systems are well known reputable winning lottery systems that many real lottery winners use. If you choose systems that sound good only due to hyped-up advertising etc, your chances of getting a real winning system will be very poor as these are the majority of systems on the market.

So let’s assume you have picked one of these top rated lotto systems, you now have increased your win rates big time! We will use the Smart Play Lotto Wheeling Systems as an example. Using Smart Play by it’s self and using random lottery numbers, hitting 3 and 4 lottery winning numbers were averaging about 25% – 32% win rates. Then by using mostly hot lottery numbers and a few cold lottery numbers, we now are hitting 3 and 4 lottery winning numbers averaging about 35% – 40% win rates, which is very hard to do. We see other lottery systems claiming huge win rates like 96% and up to 98%, but when investigated all of these system were lying. They were just using false advertising to sell a very poor winning system, so do not fall for nonsense systems. The highest win rates we have ever seen is around the 40% mark and this was only seen with top recommended real winning systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System and the system used as an example Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

To play the lottery and win the lottery, you MUST play smart or your winning results will be very low to absolutely nothing and that is a FACT! Use what you have learned in this lottery post and your lotto winning success will increase many fold.

Lotto systems we highly recommend using:

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels