Best Lottery Method Proven To Win The Lottery

To really have a solid chance at winning the lottery, you need to use the best lottery method proven to win the lottery. If you continue to play lotto as you do now and are not winning, why do you stick with that lotto strategy? You need to change your playing strategy, so make sure you choose a real winning strategy that other lottery winners use and recommend, makes sense right?

So what do the pros say on how to win the lottery? They say to use a lottery system, but it must be a real lottery system, not a silly type system mostly seen these days on the market. If you are using a system or not using a system this is the general guide line to follow:

Here are four main lotto rules experts say to stick to:

  • Pick your own lottery numbers instead of having the lottery machine do it for you.
  • Research your lottery numbers and see if your numbers have won before.
  • Select about ten sets of numbers and keep playing those if you continue buying lottery tickets.
  • Buy as many lottery tickets as you can easily afford to play.

All makes very good sense, but seriously you need to apply these rules while using a real winning lottery system, this would be a very powerful stack and many lottery winners, now millionaire,s used the steps above along with the best winning lotto system in the world, to effectively win lotto. Most people think winning the lottery is all just pure luck! No, these people are way off and that is why they will never even come close to winning a big lottery jackpot. You must play as smart as you can or you simply will not have much success! If you think you know how to play lotto better, than why are you not rich yet?

Let me show proof of which lottery systems you should be using to play your lottery game. The 2013 best winning lotto system poll has been released and here is the official results:

Proof of which lottery systems are winning the lottery

This poll my friends is like solid gold proof of which lottery systems real lottery winners are using to win the lotto. As you can see the chosen top winning system was the Lotto Guy System which was also the top winning system in the 2012 best lottery system poll. Why is this lottery program above all the others? The main reason is, it is a real system developed by real techs using real lotto data pattern analysis and you can only create a system such as this with special lotto software and equipment. Most all other systems are created by regular people, such as publishers store clerks, etc. How can these people create a winning system, they can’t. They are simply marketer selling very hyped-up useless systems to make money, they do not win lotteries.

The next best winning system is a well known very effective lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This lotto wheeling system is responsible for many jackpot wins in Powerball and Mega millions, along with many other lottery games world-wide. The good thing about this system is, even though it is very effective at hitting winning lottery numbers combinations, it is extremely easy to use.

These are the absolute top winning lottery systems in the entire world. If you want to step up your odds to win the lotto, you would be very wise to use one or even both of these superior winning systems. You now know the best lottery methods proven to win the lottery, use them!

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Lottery Method Review – Lottery Method Exposed!

Ace Lee an EX lotto retailer, claims his Lottery Method System is what you need to succeed at winning lotto, read on for Lottery Method Exposed! First lets evaluate where the resources for the Lottery Method System came from. Your not going to learn secrets to winning the lottery as a lotto retailer, or there would literally be thousands of so called lottery experts. Ace Lee is a marketer plan and simple, so where do marketer get their information for lotto systems as Lottery Method and his Lottery Circle System? If you guessed off the Internet for free, you would be correct!

The Lottery Method system which is an e-book claims to reveal lotto insider winning tips for making seemingly unpredictable lottery games now very “predictable.” Now after looking the Lottery Method e-book over, Yes, you do get a 80 page e-book filled with lotto strategies for pick 3, 4, 5 and 6 lotto games, but there certainly is nothing special that would make winning the lottery now very predictable. The e-book is long winded and we find nothing but common strategies found online all over the place absolutely free and all of these lotto strategies are virtually useless and have been around since the ice age! Why would anyone want to pay for what is free! Ace Lee is very well known to seriously hype-up his systems to mislead people and the Lottery Method System is no different.

If you browse all the lottery system review sites, you will find they all report the Lottery Method System as a very poor lottery system. You can see this for yourself at Lottery Lottery Systems Review Group or Lotto System Reviews the Truth or Lottery Systems Reviews plus many other review sites. Also I would like to point most all of the good reviews you see about the Lottery Method System are written by the seller or sellers of the system, they are not real! All of these tell you it is a great winning system, but there are no real winners and all people who have tried the system report it as useless material. Save your money for real systems that are not simply common strategies found everywhere, they are a dime a dozen. We will show you which systems really are winning the lottery and are created by real lottery experts not store clerks.

Take a peek at the latest best winning lottery system official poll results below, just click to enlarge. You see which systems are top winning systems, Lotto Guy Lottery System, then Smart Play Lotto Wheels, then Gail Howard’s Smart Luck. Ace Lee’s Lottery Method was not even considered for this years poll, as last year it was entered and received no votes at all, meaning there were No Winners who used the system. It’s really sad that people like Ace Lee just simply copy junk off the Internet and sell it as if it was gold. Stick with real winning lottery systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System, or for those who want fast very easy systems, but very effective use Smart Play Lotto Wheels and you will not go wrong.

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

Here is something I’m itching to reveal, do you know that Ace Lee is an affiliate seller of many other lottery systems? It’s true! He sends out emails all the time to his list about various lottery systems, which of course he tells you are great systems and you should use them, when really they are crap systems. Yes, he even sends out emails about his own systems as his Lottery Method System, but the point is, he tries to sell everything to you! Even the systems that are reported as pure scams! Can you trust a seller like this? I sure hope not, you will be be sorry and lose your money. Also never trust the 100% guaranteed refunds, many people have reported this as a lie!

Remember! The choice to use a lottery system is a very good idea, it’s really the only tool that can increase your win rates to win lotto, but you need to use a real winning system or it’s all for nothing. We have exposed the Lottery method System for what it really is! We are here to help you win the lotto, not get suckered over and over until you eventually find the right systems to use.

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Win The Lotto Using New Proven Winning Strategy

Chances are you will never win the lotto, unless you use new proven winning strategy. Old school lotto strategy, as just using hot and cold lotto numbers is proven not effective. There are many lotto software systems all basically the same, claiming big win rates with hot and cold numbers and they all give you basically the same lotto winning results, which is very poor!

When you are playing big lotto games such as Oz LottoPowerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 649, Euromillions, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery or any lotto game, you need more than just luck and some hot and cold lotto numbers to win Big. You must use lotto strategies or best winning lottery systems if your big master plan to win the lottery is actually going to work. I knew a person who has played the Texas Lotto for 5 years and has never hit anything more than a three lotto numbers winning ticket, now that’s what I call poor winning lottery results. This person thought if he played three lottery tickets per lotto draw, he would win a cash prize eventually and he did, but it took him months to hit that 3 lotto numbers winning ticket, well big deal!

This shows you, this way of playing the lottery will really get you nowhere. If you play lotto frequently and never seem to hit winning lotto numbers, then my friends your lotto strategy is useless and you MUST find a smarter way to play correct? Hitting lotto winning numbers is actually not as hard as you think, you just have know how to do it and this applies for all lottery games.

Eventually the person who could not win the Texas Lotto, asked me if I could give him a better strategy to increase his chances for winning the lotto. Now I want to tell you that there are some very good lotto tips that are useful, but the best overall strategy is to use a lottery system, but it must be a real verified winning system so you do not waste your time with it.I told the Texas Lotto player about not only one particular lottery system that does win lotteries world-wide, but two lottery systems that win big and the proven ultimate lotto strategy is to use both systems together, as they will explode your winning potential Big Time! The systems I recommended are Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These systems when used together have hit 5 lottery numbers very frequently and have been verified to have won many lottery jackpots. Separately both systems work great, but when used together they are very powerful! Both systems are now top rated winning systems, with the Lotto Guy System being the top winning system in the world.
To apply these lottery systems is easy. You must start with the Lotto Guy System to obtain your lottery numbers you are going to play. You will then play those lines of lotto numbers along with putting those same lotto numbers into one of the lottery wheels you choose to use with the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system. Your odds to win lotto are now increase dramatically and you will get multiple winnings, not just one winner. The person who plays the Texas Lotto used this ultimate lotto winning strategy and won with-in 6 months time over $15,000 by hitting many lines of 5 lottery numbers winning just over $2,500 each time. He could not believe he had actually been successful at winning the lotto and it was all because he used a real proven lotto winning strategy instead of his usual random lotto numbers.

You simply cannot win the lottery if you do not buy lottery tickets and you will never win lotto if you do not use a real strategy or system and apply it properly. This is your secret win the lotto using new proven strategy plan, try it and you will have lottery winning success!


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Lotto Strategies For Real Lotto Winning Success

If you recently purchased a lotto strategies system for lotto winning success, but did not obtain any winning success at all, you are not alone! If this has happen to you over and over again, then you already know you have been suckered by marketers selling useless poorly designed lottery systems and really I cannot help you with that. However, for lottery players thinking about buying a lottery system to help their chances to win the lottery please read on!

Let me start off by saying the owners or developers of most all lottery systems, are NOT real lottery experts that have created a system for winning the big lotteries, they are mostly publishers and marketers trying to make fast money from you! So why the high price for these crap lotto systems? The price is high as the real developer and seller of this useless lottery system or lotto software program, is really just a common shady marketer and needs to hyped up (LIE) the whole system and use false advertising to grab your attention to make money. This is a very sneaky marketing tactic and I do not wish to see others tricked out of their cash for a virtually useless system. I will point you to the real winning verified tested and proven systems and even show you proof that others use and win with these superior systems.

First off always look at the main sales page for the system you are purchasing. If the sales page is a Click Bank sales page and the seller is claiming a 60 day guaranteed full 100% refund, walk away it is sold by a marketer. You will only waste your time and money if you fall for the silly systems usually claiming to be created by a Math Professor or a person who has stumbled onto a secret to win the lottery. For the good real winning systems how about a system created by real experts, real University techs using real data pattern analysis, to put together one of the best winning lotto systems in the world! See the 2013 best winning lottery system poll results below: (click to enlarge photo)

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

As you see the best winning lottery system that 67 percent voted as best winning system for them was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Then in second place Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. These my friends are truly systems that win the lotto!

It is funny to see lottery systems such as Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, The Lotto Black Book System by Larry Blair, Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle software System and many others that claim ridiculous high win rates and all claim to have many lottery winners using their systems, but in a real life poll where you cannot lie or cheat, these system lost big time! These systems of course are all fake and have no real lottery winners who use them, but you would never know this if you had not seen the results from this 2013 lottery system poll, or checked out legit (No Affiliates Selling Lottery Systems) lotto system review sites.

We have tested out many lottery systems and can honestly say the two systems now rated as good lottery systems ( Lotto Guy System and Smart Play System that win lotto games are in fact the best in the world!

The most common type of lotto systems being sold under many names but basically all the same is  a simple lotto software system which is very common but really does help you much to win the lotto and you can get the same information they all give for free online. Most of these silly lotto software systems are just copies of each-other, then re-named. All the so-called good reviews you may read are actually by affiliates selling or promoting the system for clickbank commission. This shady marketing trick fools many people out of their money, so you now know the truth!

Do not buy any lottery systems from ClickBank as this is where these shady con artists sell their lottery systems, you have been warned!

If you play lotto games such as Florida Lotto, Colorado Lottery, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery, Virginia Lottery,  California Lottery, Lotto 6/49, Australian Lotteries, UK Lotto or any other Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lotto games you really should be using the highly recommended Lotto Guy Lottery System I think you will like it, it’s good stuff! This lottery system has helped many people win lotteries worldwide and was voted by poll votes, the best lottery system in the world which is solid proof of a good winning system.

Winning the lottery is not as hard as you believe, you can easily hit the smaller winning cash prizes with a good system while increasing your odds to hit the big lotto jackpot!

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Lottery Circle Software Review All Show No Go

Lottery Circle Software System do not buy this lottery software system until you read the facts by Ace Lee. Ace Lee who claims big winning results for all pick 3 lotto, pick 4 lotto, pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games for people using his Lottery Circle System.

Have you seen the Lottery Circle Software reviews? How can all of these articles say this lottery software system is a winning system, but never show any proof? I looked at the claims Ace Lee states for his Lottery Circle which is a 96% win rate, that would be phenomenal! I emailed some of these lottery circle review articles and asked for some real verified proof, guess what? Not one could give me any proof! How hard could it be to show proof unless you were of course lying right?

The real truth is all of these lottery circle reviews are written by Ace Lee and or his affiliates selling the system, not by real users of the system. This is called false advertising and is against the law. It also show me that there are many lies going on about this software system. When putting the lottery circle system to the test, it as expected failed to deliver lottery winning results. I cannot find any real lottery winners using this lotto software program and the lottery system review sites back this up and are reporting Ace Lee and his systems as Lottery Circle as false or very poor lottery systems.

The Lottery Circle System was supposedly put together from information Ace Lee learnt when he worked as a lottery retailer in a grocery store. After seeing the software system and using it, I know that story is again Not True! The system is based on lottery game past drawn numbers, which all lottery statistics websites offer completely free! This is where Ace Lee is getting the data for his lottery circle prediction software, it’s nothing special and there are manty of software system giving the exact same information, so do not be fooled by this misleading seller Ace Lee.

Will this Lottery Circle System help you win the lottery? You may get lucky using it, but it will NOT give you a 96% win rate that is just made up to sell a product. In reality the system as reported by many others will only ate best give you a very low 2% win rate and really is not much better than using random lottery numbers!

If you do choose to use a past drawn lottery numbers system to help increase your odds to win, you will be disappointed, this is a very common type of way to choose lottery numbers and has been thoroughly proven to only increase you odds to win a very small percentage. A much better and smarter approach to increasing your odds or win rates is with a verified reputable Tested and Proven winning lotto system like Smart Play Lotto Wheels, this lotto wheeling system really does work improve your odds to win lotteries! Also the best winning lottery system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and is very highly recommended by real lottery winners. Both systems are very powerful winning systems and should be first on your list of systems to use.

Lets see where the Lottery Circle System place in the 2013 Best Winning Lotto System Poll. Click the poll results chart to enlarge. As you can see the Lottery Circle Software received very poor ratings only 1% of the votes went to this system. So not many users like the system, won nothing with it, so again backs up the reports and reviews stating the system is virtually useless hype. Would you use a system that Ace Lee a common marketer says is best or a system that wins a poll that cannot be faked? Now you have been brought up to speed on the real truth behind the Lottery Circle System.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

If you still need more convincing about the lottery circle system, read this reviews and checkout the systems that do work well.

Lottery Systems Review Group

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Win The Lottery

Silver Lotto System Is A Waste Of Money!

With all the negative reviews we are receiving about Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, we feel we must keep informing people to simply avoid this money wasting silly lotto system made up by publisher Ken Silver. If you Google Silver Lotto System, you will see many so-called good reviews on the system, in fact way to many good reviews to be true. Every single good review has been looked at and found out to be FAKE! Meaning the review about the Silver Lotto System was written by Ken Silver or an affiliate selling the system, so these fake reviews are misleading people into thinking the Silver Lotto System and his Lotto-80 system are working for winning lotteries, when they are really winning nothing!

We actually tested the Silver Lotto System a little while back, but did not use real money to play, we just used the system and checked the lotto draws to see what we would have won if we actually spent our own money on lottery tickets. Ken Silver states his Silver Lotto System wil give us a 98% win rate or win 8 out of 10 lotto draws. We played 20 lines of numbers each lotto draw for the test of the system and in the six weeks we tested the system we hit only one 3 number winner. So playing two lotto draws each week for six weeks we would have spent $480 just on lottery tickets and would have only one a $10 lottery ticket winner. What happened to the 98 % win rate?

Ken Silver shows you on his sales page for the Silver Lotto System, a bunch of lottery tickets he says he won using his Silver Lotto lottery system. He shows you these lottery tickets but he makes sure you cannot see them up close to see if they are for real or just his losing tickets lined up to be shown to fool you! You would think if they were real he would want people to see them correct? Just like everything else Ken Silver says about his fake winning Silver Lotto System, these lottery tickets are also fake, not winners. Reputable lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System showed on their 2012 webinar up close many real verified winning lottery tickets all over $1500, this is what we call real proof!

Ken Silver Lotto FAKE Winning Tickets. Ken Silver says he is a big lottery winner YA RIGHT!

Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System is just an e-book with lottery wheels that simply have no real math involved to allow them to win anything. He most likely found these wheels online for free many years ago or just made them up himself and then hyped-up the system to make money selling it to you. I also want to warn you! Ken Silver offer a full guaranteed refund if you do not like his system. Do Not Be Fooled! He has rarely given any person a refund and is definitely an untrustworthy seller. Ken silver is now being reported as a scammer by many people and all lottery system review sites dislike his Silver Lotto System, reporting it a full of false advertising, lies, and fake testimonials.

The Silver Lotto System is 100% definitely a waste of time and money and we highly recommend to stay clear of any products Ken Silver is selling. If you have a complaint about Ken Silver or his silver lotto system, please leave a comment and we will post for others to see.

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Silver Lotto System The Truth!

The Silver Lotto System is sold by Ken Silver and claims will unlock secrets to win the lotto by giving you a 98% win rate, winning 8 out of every 10 draws. Ken Silver has been selling his Silver Lotto System for a very long time (since 1990’s), so of course there have been many tests and reviews done on the Silver system to see whether it actually works as Ken Silver claims, or does not work as advertised at all.

Ken Silver calls himself a lottery expert, when in fact he is nothing even close to being a lottery expert. Ken Silver is just your common publisher and deceitful Marketer, yes I said DECEITFUL MARKETER. The Silver Lotto System when tested over and over by many users, did not even come close to giving a 98% win rate, as a matter of fact, most users of this very poor system received a ZERO PERCENT WIN RATE! We investigated deep into the false advertising Ken Silver uses to sell his Silver Lotto System and have found some very nasty misleading information. We found out Ken Silver has won NO Big Lottery Games with his own Silver Lotto System, but guarantee’s you a ridiculous 98% win rate. We also found out his testimonials are false! Now all of this is very bad to see as a seller who tries to pretend to want to help you avoid scams and help you win the lottery. While Ken Silver pushes his very poor Silver Lotto System on UN-Suspecting people, he at the same time, is refusing to give the people who purchased his silly system a full guaranteed refund. When Ken Silver gets your money, your out of of luck!

Ken Silver shows you on his sales page for the Silver Lotto System, a bunch of his so-called winning lottery tickets, but intentionally blurs them out just enough so you cannot see the full details, another shady marketing trick to fool people you. He removes items from his sales page when the word is out it is false, so it may or may not still be on the website when you read this article.

Did you know when you buy the Silver Lotto System (e-book download) inside Ken Silver tells you, to purchase what he calls a profile to win better, of course this is another cost you must pay him. These profiles are just lotto numbers he sends you for whatever lotto game you are playing. These same profiles or lotto numbers ken Silver sends are directly off the Internet and free for all, what a scam system this Marketer has rigged.

Yes, there are good reviews on the Silver Lotto System, but if you look at them a little closer, you will see they are all written by affiliates selling the system through Click Bank for sales commission or by Ken Silver Himself so all false! All reputable lottery system review sites give very bad reviews on the Silver Lotto System, you can review them for yourself if you wish, here area few below:

There are other review sites, but you see what we are trying to show you. Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System are now posted on many Scam Review sites as well, which clearly shows you, this seller has been reported as ripping people off. If you have been taken by this untrustworthy seller purchasing his Silver lotto System and have a need to vent, let a comment to let other know.

It’s one thing to sell a useless lottery systems as the Silver Lotto System using false advertising, but when many people are complaining of being ripped off and NO REFUNDS, time to lock up this con artist for good! If you play the lottery using silly useless systems such as the Silver Lotto System will get you no where fast, always use a highly recommended system that real lottery winners use and recommend as the best lottery system winner by poll votes Lotto Guy Lottery System.

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Lottery Circle Software Review The Real Truth!

The Lottery Circle Software System by Ace Lee, is this a good lotto software system to use that works as Ace Lee claims? Absolutely NOT! This lottery software system is also called Lottery Circle Prediction System and Ace Lee rates his system as the number one lotto software system in the world, that will give users a huge 96% win rate. Well I am afraid that is a total lie! The real TRUTH is this lotto software system will only give you at best about a small 2% win rate, which is very, very poor!

When tested over and over the Lottery Circle System did NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED by Ace Lee. I wonder why? Ace Lee informs us that he is a lottery expert as he worked in a grocery store and sold lottery tickets. Then Ace Lee put together a very common type lotto software system that gives you past drawn lotto winning number results, well big deal! There are so many of these exact same lotto software systems on the market and they all do the same thing. Also, every single lotto software system including Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System, obtains their information for their software systems right off the Internet for free! You can just go to a lotto statistic website for your lottery game and get it for free as well.

Even though you can get all the same information free, that these lottery software systems sell to you, it does not mean you will win any lottery games. This is old school lottery playing methods, that have been proven over and over again to only increase your win rates by a very small percentage. People such as Ace Lee who are in fact not lottery experts, but shady marketers hyping up all their lottery systems they sell, just to make them sound fantastic, when in reality are almost useless at winning lotto games.

Ace Lee sells many other lottery systems besides his Lottery Circle Software system such as, Lottery Method System, How To Win Pick 6, How To Win Pick 5, he actually sells other systems as an affiliate seller, most of these systems are known useless systems, some even pure scams! Ace Lee is a shady Marketer who lies to sell lottery and gambling products through Click Bank. Most of the bad or pure scam systems are sold through Click Bank so take note of this.

Still think the Lottery Circle System is going to work for you? Well then here is a few reviews you must read!

Lottery Systems Review Group See the numerous comments on this forum, these are by real users who are commenting on the Lottery Circle System.

Did you you know ALL of the good reviews you see about the Lottery Circle Prediction System are actually fake! These reviews are written by affiliates selling the system for commission and will of course lie to grab sales. Also some of these reviews are written by Ace Lee himself, so again ALL Fake!

Here is more proof that the Lottery Circle System is NOT WORTH USING!

See the the chart below, this is the 2012 Best Winning Lottery System poll that took place, in which 15 top lottery systems were entered to see which systems real users voted on that actually worked for them.

Click on the chart so you can clearly see where Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System ranked. As you can see only 6 people voted for the Lottery Circle System and 72 people voted for the Lotto Guy Lottery System which was the winning system from the poll results. If Ace Lee’s system or systems worked so great, where are all the real users to vote for it? Oh Yes! There are NONE!

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll

There are NO lottery systems that can give you a super high win rate (higher than 40% is for sure fake), they do not exist. The system with the highest win rate in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. It is a real system developed by real techs, this is why you get real lottery winning results using it. Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System was developed by a store clerk, which system do think is going to work and which is just nonsense? You be the judge!

Every reputable lottery system review site has Ace Lee Lottery Circle System listed as a bad or very poor system. If a system lies about it’s win rates, uses false advertising or uses affiliates to sell it, walk away and find a better system, now you know the real TRUTH!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Lotto Guy Lottery System Worlds Best System

The big news is the Lotto Guy Lottery System is now rated as the worlds best winning lottery system, it’s a system that you should be using. This excellent winning lottery system won the best winning lottery system poll out of many top selling systems. You most likely have heard of some of these lottery systems as The Lotto Black Book, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle Software System, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Dominator, Win Lotto Systems, Mark Bower Lottery System, Lotto Variant System, plus many others. All of these lottery systems make big claims to win the lottery and claim their system will give you very high win rates, some as high as 98%.  Do these system really deliver the winning results they claim to give, No, Absolutely Not!

This is where many lottery players get discouraged, they fall for the hype these very poor winning lottery systems claim on their sales pages, usually along with misleading testimonials, false photos of winning lottery cheques and their false 60 day guaranteed refunds. This is why a legit anti-cheat lottery system poll was held, so you could vote on the system that gave you real lottery winning results and then the whole world can have real verified proof of real winning systems, rather than going from false system to false system. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is not like these silly systems, it really does help you win the lottery and poll results confirms this along with the many Lotto Guy Lottery System reviews, that also suggests the system is a good system to be using .

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is far different than any of these other very poor shady like systems. The Lotto Guy System has no false Testimonials. The system is not sold through places such as Click Bank as to allow affiliates to sell their product, as the lottery system actually wins lottery games, does not need to make money from affiliate sales like most other poor winning systems. Here is a copy below of the final poll results for the 2012 Best Winning Lottery System.

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results!

As you can see the winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking first place with 83% of the votes. This is solid real Proof! you cannot avoid proof as good as a poll. We have also reviewed many lottery winners using and winning lotto games with the Lotto Guy Lottery System for Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Powerball, Mega Millions, California Superlotto, Texas Lotto, Virginia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, New York Lotto, Ohio Lottery, UK Lotto games, Australian Lottery games, South African Lottery plus many other lotto games world-wide.

Now just hold on a second, there was also another poll just taken more recently for best winning lottery system that works. I was very surprised that the winner for the second time was again Lotto Guy Lottery System, well not that surprised as most systems are actually phony and just sold to make money, but win no lottery games.

2013 Best Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

so we agree this winning Lotto Guy Lottery System is the very best system in the world to use. There are a few other good systems, but they simply cannot match this powerful winning system. The facts are real, now it’s time to change to a better way to win lottery games.

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Lotto Variant System Good or Bad

The Lotto Variant System is another lottery system many people want to know, if the system is a Good or Bad lottery system to use. Here’s what is said about the Lotto Variant system on the ClickBank sales page. System is designed and developed by a 34-year-old average Joe, who by total accident discovered a dirty little secret on how to win lotteries world-wide. This statement is misleading many people, there is No Secret that was discovered, it’s just a fake scenario used to grab your attention.

This new found lottery secret which was put into a system called The Lotto Variant System has supposedly set The Big Lotteries On Fire and that this Dirty Secret has Sky Rocketed his lottery winning Odds Almost Over Night. This again is total nonsense, the system has not set the Big Lotteries on fire, what a ridiculous statement. We also see the Lotto Variant System is owned by Brian D and he shows you some cheques for supposed lottery winning due to using his lotto system. We found these cheques and they are NOT made out to any Brian D. These cheques were copied without permission and used to try and make it look like the Lotto Variant System won, but in reality won nothing!

Lotto Variant System Fake Winners Cheque

When then we looked at the actual Lotto Variant system it’s self and we find it is just a very common type system found freely on the Internet just changed a little. This system has No Real Winners, All Fake! Seriously how many lottery systems out there state they have found a secret way or system to actually win the lottery? The truth most lottery systems we investigated were found to be fakes. The real developer or seller of the Lotto Variant System is a shady Marketer, who is also selling other products through ClickBank under different names and different scenarios, all Totally Fake People, just a money making gimmick to grab your money.

There is absolutely nothing real about it the Lotto Variant lottery system, it is virtually useless as is many other misleading lottery systems such as Lottery Circle Software system by Ace Lee, The Inverted Lottery System, Lottery Method by Ace Lee, How To Win Pick 6 by Ace Lee, Winning the lottery in 3 steps also called the Mark Bower Lottery System, the Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver, The Lotto Payload system, Beat The Lotto System, Lottery Dominator system, The Lotto Black Book System, Formula 1 Lotto System, How To Win Lottery Pool by Ace Lee (just copied straight off Internet), Win Lotto Systems, Lotto Masta system, Lotto Winning Formula, Lotto Cash Machine, Lottery Crusher software System, plus many others. ALL of these lottery systems have been investigated found to be full of false advertising and misleading claims, they absolutely do not work as advertised!

The Lotto Variant System was tested by many lottery players and here is results of a survey of the opinions REAL users of the system had to say about this lottery system.

■64% said it was a useless common lotto system that did not work as advertised nothing special.

■21% said it was a complete waste of $67.00 and won nothing.

■10% said they needed a little more time to test out the system to make a fair vote

■4% said seems OK, but definitely not worth $67.00

■1% said the system works ok

Is the Lotto Variant a Good System To Use? NO

Is The Lotto Variant A Bad System To Use? YES

Shady Marketers are selling new lottery systems almost on a monthly basis, as they must keep changing the systems as people find out they are a fraud. These systems are just old common type useless lottery systems, just changed a little and then re-named using a hyped-up scenario to secure your sale. We recommend you do not buy lottery systems if sold through ClickBank or if the system has affiliates selling it, both are signs the system will not be legit.

What about the good or highly rated lottery system that work and you should be using? There are ONLY a few reputable winning lottery systems. You can check this great lottery system review site to find legit real winning lottery systems to use and which systems to avoid. What lottery systems do we like and highly recommend? We like the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these are very highly recommended systems that are in fact winning lottery games world-wide. both are not developed by shady Marketers and have No affiliates selling them, they are the Good Stuff!

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